I am a free-spirit, and my roller coaster "glamour" ride began in 2004, when I won a "reality" supermodel hunt, the first if its kind on Indian television at the time. Get Gorgeous season 1 changed my life forever. I was a girl next door, shy, studying in college, and suddenly there I was blazing the ramp at Rome Fashion Week. Exquisite designer wear, glamour, fame, make-up, heels, fantastic photo-shoots- all too surreal to be true!! My modelling career kicked off, and since then there has been no looking back.

The self confessed travel junkie in me had no idea what superb surprises were in store. Work makes me travel to places I had only seen on television, and that for me is the greatest perk of this job. Whether its reliving history on the magical streets of Rome or being a teeny bopper on the rides at Movie World, snorkeling with baby sharks, Para-gliding in Goa or eating the best Singaporean clay pot rice, I have enjoyed every minute of all these unforgettable moments!

Those were rather glamorous examples, let's head from "lux" to "not-so-lux" adventures- While with Channel [V], I got the opportunity to host travel shows like Freedom Express 1 and 2, where I was traveling through India by train, and discovering it at the very grass root level, interacting with so many beautiful people, be it the "jawans" on the L.O.C. (Line Of Control) or the Siddhis (people of African Tribal origin who live in Gujrat). They have enriched my life, and made me the person I am. Discovering the length and breath of this country taught me how truly diverse, and gorgeous India is, and how there's a way to negotiate or work around everything. The undying spirit of the people who have so little, but would still accommodate you to make sure you 're comfortable, is what makes this country so special!

Since traveling has been a constant companion on my "ride", it was no surprise when Neo Cricket, asked me to host "Tour Diary", a travel show where I'd be traveling with the Indian Cricket Team and the visiting team to their various playing destinations, taking the audiences through my own journey as a cricket fan! It is here that I had my first encounter with Live -television- it's a different ball game all together- no room for re-takes- a new challenge, bring it on! Seven tours down the line, believe me when I say that I have almost seen every nook and corner of the streets in India, tried many kinds of local cuisine, shopped, seen beautiful historical monuments, donned many avatars, met and worked alongside sporting legends, made new friends as I go along, and had the time of my life while doing so! Looking forward to many more!!

This is one of the things I love to do, it takes care of my thirst for travel, and pays the bills!!

That apart, I have been simultaneously catering to the other side of me-the glamorous side- which is why I'm still a model, have hosted many general entertainment shows like Bolly [v], Agent Love, Pop Dairies, while being a Veejay on Channel [V], Ebuzz on Axn Asia (an entertainment show giving the viewers a low down on what's happening and what's not in Hollywood and Bollywood) and currently am hosting a reality TV show. Since my career was born of it, I'm going back to my roots, so to speak, to host Sunsilk Blue Carpet on UTV Bindaas- along with me, two renowned guests will give 13 girls a dream makeover. Talk about déjà vu, I had my Cinderella story, and now its my turn to help make someone else's dream come true!!

In 2010, I was approached to get back to Get Gorgeous 6 as Mentor now, that was the perfect opportunity for me to go back to where it all began and share everything I had learnt with hopefuls who want to carve out a niche the same way I did many years ago.

The year of chance - 2011- when I decided to become a free-lancer for the very first time, and host IPL season 4, it was a whole new experience which opened up so many new doors. Made me realise everything happens for a reason, and mostly its for the better!
So don't be afraid to live your dream and take that step, because you really never know what lies ahead, and that is the most exciting feeling in the world!

As a television presenter, I'm grateful for the opportunity to host shows of varied genres. It keeps me on my toes, and everyday I learn a new thing- that in itself keeps me going, and yearning for lots more! ...